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Compounded Daily
Compounded Daily
Participating Algos:3,203,764,457.510028Rewards per Block:26Block Time:4.3 secs
Weekly Earning0.001141
Monthly Earning0.004963
Yearly Earning0.059559
Current Annual Yield:5.96%
Participating Algos:3,203,764,457.510028
Rewards per Block:26Block Time:4.3 secs
Participation Rewards FAQ:
There is nothing you have to do! By simply holding Algos in your wallet you will generate rewards constantly. That is the beauty of Algorand’s Pure proof of stake protocol.
Yes. Every address that has 1 Algo or more earns rewards regardless of it being online or offline.
The amount of rewards varies depending on many factors such as your current balance and the variations in time of it. Additionally, other factors such as the total circulating supply and incentive program changes made by Algorand Foundation will have an impact. Our Rewards Calculator will help you estimate the amount of rewards you will generate based on the most up to date information released by the Algorand Foundation.
The rewards are included in your balance automatically without the need for any specific transaction depositing the rewards. The Algorand protocol calculates the rewards of all addresses in the blockchain at every block and the balance of every account is updated automatically.
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